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R8640 - Deluxe Massage Chair


R8640 - Deluxe Massage Chair

MSRP: $4999


  • Single button zero gravity - Zero space design slides forward
  • Auto Detect Function-Optimizes your Massage Experience based on Your Physical Makeup
  • Extendable Foot Rest Up to 6.5" . Special Design for People with different Height
  • LCD Remote Control - quick control adjust backrest up/down, on/off
  • 34 Total airbags provide a whole-body massage experience from shoulders to feet
    • 4 Shoulder Airbags
    • 8 Arm Airbags
    • 4 Waist Airbags
    • 8 Leg Airbags
    • 10 Foot Airbags
  • 36” i-track, extends from neck to lower lumbar, deeply massages the neck, shoulders and waist
  • Rollers on each foot sole provide:
    • Rolling and Kneading Massage
  • Carbon Fiber Heating Element Around Waist Gradually and Gently Warms to Soothe Mucle
  • 6 Auto Pre-programmed Massage Modes:
    • Stretching, Refresh, Neck/Shoulder, Waist/Back Massage, Relax & Dream Massage Cycle
  • 5 Manual Massage Modes:
    • Kneading, Clapping, Knocking, Tapping, and Shiatsu
  • 10,20,30 Minute incremental timer function
  • Bluetooth Music Function with built in speakers

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Owners Manual