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Lifesmart infrared heaters provide unparalleled heating efficiency at unbeatable prices. Bundled with technology and safety features, lifesmart is no doubt the leader in infrared heating comfort.


Lifesmart’s high velocity fans come equipped with superior cooling power. Packaged in a sleek contemporary design.

Stand Desks

More comfortable lifestyle experience.

The Power of Infrared Heating

Find out why infrared heating is a superior cleaner and more comfortable heat. How does infrared heating work? Click to find out.

What is Evaporative Cooling?

Fine particles of atomized water produce a cooling effect that is perfect for both indoors or out. See how Lifesmart achieves a better product utilizing this technology.

What People Say

on February 3, 2015
I hate to give a space heater 5 stars because -- well -- it's a space heater. By definition it should be inadequate; a necessary evil or a stop gap for a bigger problem. I use mine for the latter. So, accepting that NO space heater is actually perfect (e.g. inherently undeserving of 5 stars), I'm going go ahead and give this unit the highest mark, if for no other reason, because it so thoroughly trounced it's competition.